Friday, January 25, 2008

French deco for party, part 2

All french blogs are about Christmas this month !
My two favorites ideas of the day: the tree Susie posted on the website of the so trendy shop in Paris LIlibulle.
Her idea to recycle small umbrellas from Chinese restaurants to make a game of shadows on its light garland is incredible ...

Second favorite idea : the hand-made Advent calendar of the children of the creators of the brand Bonton (also creators of Bonpoint).
In fact every detail in their Parisian apartment is a source of inspiration for home decoration. You can download the visit of their apartment on the french decoration tv show "Interieurs".

I also had a crush for their collection of melamine tableware. So I bought from Pottery and Barn kids, and for once at a price not too unreasonable, these small plates, Polka, which quickly give a festive style to the children table!
I continue to make my little press review of french deco magazines (see my previous post). Today found in "Marie-Claire idées", the French bible of hand-made products, a gift idea for children:
Take a hanger, cover it with ribbons or tissues and hang a few Christmas decoration : it will be a beautiful object for decorating their rooms.


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