Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shopping in Paris, rive gauche

In Paris many concept stores dedicated to children have opened.
Their purpose? First of all to be particularly successful with their own decoration. Everything is thought out in every detail.
Secondly, moms can find clothes, strollers, accessories, furniture, decoration, small presents for birthdays parties .. all good unique and very Parisian discoveries!

Bonton was the first one!
It was opened by the same family who owned the more classical brand Bonpoint.
The monumental entrance of the store sets the clothes as pieces of art on the walls.
Ages and sizes are noted on large red columns. They bring a touch of fun, practical and original decoration in this loft-style store.

The first floor is full of ideas with pretty staged kids'rooms.

The Kids gallery store is less Parisian and more influenced by Northern Europe!
You will find beautiful wooden furniture and often very well thought out as evolutionary.

At Serendipity, vintage furniture are restore and given a new life ... for unique and poetic interiors. Old beds from the fifties are mixed up with new design lamps or wall decals from Mimilou and Des pieds des Ailes!
Another Good point for the store : it is close to the Gerard Mulot bakery of my childhood for a gourmet snack!

And one of my favorite is Caoutchouc, because this is where I discovered the fabulous creations from Clemence G.
The store is in the heart of Vavin where kids'shops are multiplying!

Not to mention two new stores opened in the fifth district. : Dame Lune et Pic nidouille.
I greatly appreciated their warm welcome during my visit last summer. Their owner have created two charming places to find many French young designers for kids.
Bon shopping !

Kids gallery, 8 avenue de villars, 75007 paris
Bonton, 82 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris
Caoutchouc, 15, rue Brea,. 75006Paris
Dame Lune, 10 rue saint victoire, 75005 Paris
Pic Nidouille, 22 rue des ecoles, 75005 Paris
Serendipity, 17 rue des quatre vents, 75006 Paris
Credits photos, Interieurs, Caoutchouc, Dame lune, Pic Nidouille.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

French kids interiors, part 3

Visit today the kingdoms of Mademoiselle Louison, Mr Elliott and Paul-Emile, the youngest one of the tribe of Mme minute papillon.

Miss Louison has grown up and her mother just redecorated her bedroom which has nothing of a girly one.

She put on the bed hand-made pillows, a small lunch box on the bedside table and cute illustrations from cosas minimas on the wall.

In Eliott and Paul-Emile' bedrooms, the decoration is also essentially home-made or vintage furniture.. giving them a unique charm!

So enjoy the flea markets and garage sales to also find treasures for your decor!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LMNOP... and more !

The new issue of the Australian LMNOP magazine is available on their blog.
I just love the great pictures taken by Hallie Burton of the great loft in Tribeca, in downtown Manhattan, of Hanne Larsen and a family who moved from Australia to NYC.
A ideal family home and a paradise for the four kids India (eight), Atticus (six) Arlo (four) and Banjo (18 months).
They can enjoy a great mezzanine playhouse and fun bunk beds in the boys' bedroom.

The living room offers a peaceful atmosphere and the large windows bring plenty of light. The kitchen is full of fun pink and another area for drawing, coloring, doing the homework for the kids!

In the fun kids bathroom, a grass-motif floor welcomes their feet and a sink that used to be in the kitchen has been painted in green to match.

Also enjoy in the 6th issue of the magazine, the fashion pages and especially this cute picture of this Bohemian couple.
And what the girl is wearing ? Our famous French Bensimon shoes!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bloggers'interiors, part 2

For the part 2 of our serie on French bloggers'deco, I have chosen the bedrooms of the two kids of the blogger Madame chacha .
I love her world, the charm of the old house, small details like the suitcases Lale in her girl's bedroom, the beautiful butterfly which flies over the chandelier and the vintage cupboard in her boy bedroom.
And above all, I just love the XL tree sticker with a garland light above which gives a festive atmosphere of French villages during the Summer!

Blogger's kid bedroom

What's more inspiring than children's rooms from French bloggers!
To begin our serie, here's Anouk's bedroom published on the blog of her poetic mother lilafanfreluche.
Almost everything is home made or from Africa.
The result? A charming concentrate of objects manufactured, sewn or knitted by Anouk grandmother, mum or aunt!
I particularly like the idea of small chalkboards, each with a letter of the child name.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Small summer issue

The new Small magazine issue of the summer has arrived and is available to download here.
As usual the new issue is a great pleasure to discover and read.
First, to travel in the fashion pages so lovely with great bohemian silhouettes that I love so much for children ! It makes me think of the atmosphere of the French designer Antik Batik!

Secondly, to appreciate the work of artists such as Katherine Edmond and Jess Browns, who make great hand-made dolls and their delicate costumes. "They create a beautiful balance between art and play."

Their passion? Natural processes and vintage materials such as French artists like Minilabo or Clemence G!
Their inspiration? Jess wanted the dolls to look like a french rag doll she had seen.
I think she did it!

I am also a big fan of the draws and the atmosphere of the Californian Mati Rose Mcdonough. With her draws the kids will travel in a narrative, poetic and sweet universe !

Finally to enjoy a small project : wonderful birds to create and hang up!
A good way for me to introduce a similar atmosphere than the work from Appoline in Paris im my interior in the USA!

Pictures credit: Small magazine.