Thursday, June 4, 2009

A dreamy attic

Let's Continue our discovery of the Cohen family interiors , the French founders of the brand Bonpoint.
After admiring the beautiful deco of their last two concept stores launched in Paris,
Merci et Bonton, and the parisian flat of Irene,
now a visit of the dreamy attic of the family country house, fully dedicated to the games of the grand children.
The walls are covered with magnificent trompe-l'oeil paintings,

small vintage furniture give the atmosphere of a doll house,
cabinets are full of costumes,

Vintage toys have been searched with passion,

They even installed a real small theater for performances prepared by children of the house.
A paradise for them ... and their grandparents who can let them play for hours!

For a guided video tour click here.
pictures: Interieurs