Monday, January 26, 2009

The cozy Home of Antik Batik designer

The designer of Antik Batik, Gabriella Cortese, does not only draw sublime tunics and scarves with ethnic inspiration.
She is also passionate about interior decoration. I had already discovered the bedroom of his son. Here is the visit of her parisian house posted on the site of French magazine Elle Deco.

Her idea for lighting? no lighting from the ceiling but "Expanding light sources. In my living room / dining room, in addition to six lamps around the room, I put a lot of small lights on all the furniture (drawers, fireplace , library ...)".
Her only concession, and we understand her, has been "a paper lamp by Noguchi, put one meter above the table in the dining room, to give a warm atmosphere."

A warm atmosphere that we also find in her bedroom. Because if she chose to leave the living room without curtains so that the light enters the maximum, she made an accumulation of curtains in her bedroom: "one in silk taffeta, another thick cotton and a third in silk tulle . This gives the character and a cozy ambience. "

But my favorite room of the house remains the stairwell and the suspensions from Tom Dixon. "We have, hanging from the ceiling, twelve suspensions at different heights." She previously made a test with balloons.

What makes the atmosphere of a place for the designer? "The personal, not necessarily beautiful, but warm stuff like a piece of furniture from my grandmother (in which she put all of her beauty products), a large photo of the ancestors of my husband raised over the bathtub in the bathroom ... The memories of family bring a soul to the house. "
I just hope one thing: that she, one day, design also products for our interiors!
A broadcast visit is also available on the French TV show Interior:
Photo credit: Elle decoration