Saturday, December 5, 2009

A lovely dinette

Madame M opened her pottery studio in France last year .. Since she multiplies creations, unique pieces, small bowls, ornaments, jewelry and more recently a small dinette. Her "influences are very diverse, the aesthetics of Japanese, traditional Scandinavian design through nature, its forms and fruit, and the new generation of ceramists French or foreigners ..." as she defines them.
She prefers "pure porcelain and white stoneware, simple shapes and irregular, containers and jewelry, working alone ... away from" perfection "of industrial and consumer system environment. "...

This beautiful dinette porcelain is like the rest of her collection ... Full of delicacy and poetry. It includes 6 small plates, large cup, bowl and spoon, a pot and its lid. The whole is shaped and created with care in very small series in France. Each piece is unique. The dinette is delivered packed in bubble wrap and tissue paper in a closed cardboard box with a ribbon of white cotton and a label.  
Refinement from A to Z for the pleasure of the eyes and little hands!

The moms will be able to enjoy their tea and little cakes in those beautiful sandstone bowls and mini cups  ... After all there is no age for a small dinette!