Monday, February 23, 2009

Parisian treasures

To continue with the great editions de Paris publisher, two new books: one on Parisian houses ('Les maisons des Parisiens") and the second one on atelier LZC.
In the first one, you will travel in the pages shown above, in Parisian houses... of artists, designers, such as the great Fifi Mandirac, and more.

The second book will make you discover the great universe of Atelier lZC in their Parisian workshop.
The French design studio Atelier LZC has been created in 2001 by three stylists. Very famous in France for their collaboration to French luxury brands, they create object design, textile design, wall decals, illustrations. hanging ornaments, hand-made screenprints and stationery, available on Comptoir d'enfance.

The Japanese books from Les editions de Paris are sold in the French boutique Lilibulle.
Les maisons des Parisiens, 128p.
Atelier LZC, createurs parisiens, 80p.