Monday, November 2, 2009

A room to share

How to create space when the new little brother or sister arrives and we do not have an extra room ? Here are three solutions adopted by ingenious parents  and proposed on the website of the French magazine Marie-Claire maison.
Angela and Oscar share a room (above) but still enjoy a personal corner. Angela's bed has been raised and bordered by a security in iron. The green canopy, decorated with small flags, separates the two toddlers.
For their children, Pan and Miriam, the creators of Petit Pan, wanted a room fun and colorful like their collection. Pan has built a cabin painted in white with rounded corners and pierced with small windows where each of his 3 children, found his place. Above the mezzanine, a large bed, decorated with bed linen and cotton pillows of their collection may also serve as a vast sofa to greet friends.
Practical and fun, this cabin room also serves as a storage cupboard with two doors and a playroom area furnished with a sofa  and a mushroom lamp.

Another idea: create small rooms separated by a piece of furniture and painting them in different colors. For Sasha and Nico, it has created two single rooms with a bookshelves as a wall .
Each boy has his own corner and can store toys and books. The furniture has been repainted in a very bright yellow. Small squares of fabric with floral Japanese draws were fixed to decorate and separate.
Moreover, to create harmony in the corner of Sasha,  his wall and his bed were painted in the same nice green and the other bed was painted in black, giving it a more modern look.
A few extra touches of color are made by a carpet, cushions and bedspreads, a box and a mushroom lamp!!

Credit pictures : Marie-Claire Maison