Monday, September 29, 2008

New Kokeshi for Fall

These new stickers are fun to add a japanese touch to a room.
Kokeshi are traditional japanese wooden dolls. They have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face.
The Illustration is by the french drawer Annelore Parot
Made in France.
To shop in our little boutique Comptoir d'enfance.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Vanessa Bruno Home

I was delighted to find in the summer issue of U.S. magazine Domino, a report devoted to a french stylist I love Vanessa Bruno.
Her apartment is a reflection of her clothes: casual and chic, mixing designers and Ikea, Vintage and modern furniture. A little cocoon in Paris'picturesque Marais neighbohood.
"My style is tipically parisian", she says to the magazine, "chic but very relaxed and easy", a description that equally suits her breezy yet expertly constructed clothing. "Everything is natural, homey and easy."
For her great style, her apartment had already been featured in the US Elle decoration.

The big idea to reproduce at home? Her home made garland of Ikea paper lanterns that hides the sound system."And if one lantern get ripped it's easy to replace."
" the results according to the magazine, "is an oasis that's peaceful, modern and yet delightfully easy."
Photos credits: domino magazine. Elle Decoration.

Decoration Trends for 2009

Twice a year, the Maison et Objet exhibition is the big Parisian event for professionals in decoration and design. It was held early September.
I was able to view f a small selection of 2009 trends on the website of the french decoration magazine Marie-Claire Maison.
I have fallen in love with these Japanese lanterns, designed by one of my favorite brand, Mimi'lou
She has expanded its collection, previously limited to stickers. New products for Comptoir d'enfance ... ?

I also realized that the theme of the Kokeshi, Japanese dolls, is a big source of inspiration for designers. See photo below the creations of the brand Jalla on this theme. The Kokeshi are found on Comptoir d'enfance through the collection of stickers from Poisson Bulle.

This is a little summary of Marie-Claire Maison on the coming trends deco in 2009 ...
There is a back trend to the retro style, fair trade, sustainable development ... a kind of what I am trying also to develop on my small shop.

"Simplicity is the major trend of the show, a way of life that becomes a legal entity, a desire to retire to the countryside to the detriment of the city, a new way of eating organic and local reflected by objects borrowing naturalism. Productions are artisanal, the material is visible or recycled (wood, rope and twine, straw, wool, newsprint), with a touch of handmade and environmental considerations (bamboo, traditional manufacturing, fair trade) ... "Marie-Claire Maison, in September 2009.

ma petite boutique.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A french fairy

Camille Soulayrol is a fairy. Designing objects, she started working at the french magazine Marie-Claire Idees where she became a writer.

"I love "making" images, directing photo shoots, the placement of objects to tell stories, meeting people and writing portraits of designers...

I love the magical and dreamlike power of images...", she explains about her work on her blog.

On the left picture you will recognize Miya Butterfly and Mobiles in Silk and Bamboo from Petit Pan, available on Comptoir d'enfance. Some great atmosphere easy to reproduce with few accessories, furniture, touches of colors and your imagination!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New atmosphere

And because I'm not thinking only to the little ones, these are two atmospheres of teenagers'bedroom to get some ideas for their decoration at the beginning of the year.
This is still, like my previous post, from the french magazine Art et decoration in its September issue.

I'm happy to see that they focused on the cute cushions from Minilabo that are still in stock at my shop. Enjoy !
They also have the sofa from Airdeje, one of my new brand this autumn.

French and fresh atmosphere

How cute are these bedrooms !
They have been pictured by the famous french magazine Art et Decoration for the September issue on kids'bedroom.

I was happy and proud to find the cute Poisson Bulle stickers and the birds garlands from Airdeje (on the last picture), one of my new products this autumn.
With retro and folkloric inspirations, a touch of Bohemia with a clean contemporary look, Airdeje has found its place in Comptoir d’enfance universe.
Airdeje offers a new approach to children’s decoration and nightwear design with a thought for travel, detail in the cuts, color mixes and refined finitions.