Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Small for fall

The new issue of Small magazine is available here for free. You will find as usual great hand-made projects ideas to make with the kids such as these cute puppets or clips holders, great fashion pages and discovery of the world of many designers, illustrators...
Have fun !

Friday, August 28, 2009

New garde-robe for a new season

This new fashion season for kids seems to be Very bohemian chic.
The september issue of French Marie-Claire magazine picked some nice pieces such as this cute white poncho from DPAM, the good cheap French brand for kids, and more high-end designers ones like Wowo or Louis Louise famous for their very parisian dresses.
It is always a pleasure to mix styles and colors together for chic but comfortable outfits for the kids.

I had the confirmation of this bohemian chic trend with Elle magazine which also picked a cute Wowo vest, a nice bag at Monoprix, cute dresses at Marie-Puce, a new kids designers and many others. You can click on the pictures for the details !
So let's shop!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Interiors for enfants sages

The french Magazine Art and decoration also devotes its September issue to the bedrooms of children ... Enough to fill up with ideas for a little shopping!
I love that retro atmosphere mixed with design and the gray and pastel pink on the walls. Good ideas: the stickers from Mimilou above the desk and the girafe silhouette sticker from Inke.

For the boys Babar adds his punchy colors for a fun and invigorating atmosphere.

Colors also strongly tonic that corner office minimalist but very trendy and that suits the grown up!

Vintage Spirit still works in children bedroom especially when wood, steel and iron are mixed with tonic colors of textiles from Petit Pan.

For little princesses a magical castle with the beautiful starry canopy, dragonflies from Les invasions ephemeres that fly on the wall and romantic furniture.
This amazing bed should carry your little one faster to the land of dreams! to get a similar one, you can visit the beautiful Parisian boutique Les curieuses plenty of treasures for kids !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A new atmosphere for a new school year

All the french magazines have special issues in September dedicated to kids' return to school.
A great opportunity for the magazines to present new decors and atmospheres for kids bedroom. Get inspired !
Above a huge wall decal by Mimilou and a fun rug from the trendy store for kids Balouga.

It will be fun to do homeworks with an industrial lamp from fly and a great desk from Balouga store, great to mix with a vintage school chair.

Time to have a rest in a XXL cushion...

An ecofriendly bed from Nonjetable.

A coloring atmosphere with a fun wall paper which can be colored by the kids, a desk on which you can write with chalks and a fun chair from Habitat.
With such interiors, kids won't be sad to go back to school.
Pictures: Elle, Journal de la maison

Monday, August 17, 2009

New for Fall

The New collection arrived on Comptoir d'enfance designed by all our favorite French brands: Petit Pan, Airdeje, Poisson bulle, La queue du chat...

Create a French style decor with flowers garlands, cute cushions, wall decals with magic animals and japanese characters by Poisson bulle or decorative kites by Petit Pan. Warm up your little ones with our organic and soft organic babywear.

From above you will find refined sleeping bags, canvas bucket for toys

Enjoy a 10% discount on your order with the coupon promo10 !

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Home sweet home in Paris

For its September issue, the French edition of Marie-Claire magazine has a special "kids book" with pretty fashion and decorating pages.
In the fashion pages, you can discover the trends of the season (post to follow)
For the kids' interior section, the journalists visited the apartment of Valerie who lives with her three children, Rose, 18, Simon, 14, and Ella, 10 years.
In this Haussmann-style apartment near the Place de la Republique in Paris, she moves the decoration according to their age while keeping some basic principles: vintage beds, hand-made furniture and walls colors who remain in the same tone for a harmonious interior.

I love the little details such as,

the lights garland that warms Ella's teddy bears,

the hand-made storage customized by the small bazaar.

I also like her shopping ideas such as the vintage bed from the parisian shop Serendipity and the post office desk ( la redoute New Collection),

the Tolix chair and the black wardrobe painted in black to be able to write on it with chalks.
That's the children part of the apartment.

For common parts, Valerie warms the atmosphere with trays of different candles,

and gathers her little family in a countryside style dining room, which mixes harmoniously family furniture and modern lighting.

Une jolie réussite !

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Before... After

I am still for ten days in Paris and I want to make lots of decorating ideas. I discovered the new section bienvenue chez Vous from the website of the French magazine Marie-Claire Maison: I got Plenty of ideas and inspirations in few clicks!
I selected some of the advice given by the team of the magazine to their readers, and easy to reproduce to restore life to your interior.
Above, to add a "night" section in the living-room and maintain a great circulation in the room, the sofa has been expanded and pressed against the wall in the longitudinal direction. Two shelves have been placed on each side. They act as bookshelves, day armrests and bedside tables by night.
The back of the sofa has been made with an extralarge frame covered by a piece of linen.
Beautiful linen from The sensitive and Nana Ki, a white lamp from IKEA and pillows by Nana Ki and " Caravane Chambre 19" add colors and a geat night and day atmosphere to the large bed, also used as a sofa during the day.

Above, the creation of a small and cozy reading area with a curtain, from the tissue "tie and die" brought from a travel, shelves for storing art books and Travel guides, a lamp "Cornette" from the French designers Tse & Tse, and a garland of light have been suspended for perfect lighting moments of reading.

Last clever design: an office in a corner of a living-room.

The new corner of the room is well organized and nicely colored. The vintage sign that was abandoned on the top of the old shelves is now hung on the wall just above the desk. Finally, a pink desk lamp pink (by Jieldé in Sentou gallery), a boiled wool rug (Muskhane) and a few cushions on the sofa (BHV)add an harmony of tones.
Shopping: 3 shops for fabrics and decoration to discover in Paris and you will travel with their ethnic inspirations:
Caravane chambre 19, 19 rue St-Nicolas, 75012 Paris
Nana Ki, 8 rue de l'Odéon, 75006 Paris
Muskhane, 3 rue Pastourelle, 75003 Paris