Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Before... After

I am still for ten days in Paris and I want to make lots of decorating ideas. I discovered the new section bienvenue chez Vous from the website of the French magazine Marie-Claire Maison: I got Plenty of ideas and inspirations in few clicks!
I selected some of the advice given by the team of the magazine to their readers, and easy to reproduce to restore life to your interior.
Above, to add a "night" section in the living-room and maintain a great circulation in the room, the sofa has been expanded and pressed against the wall in the longitudinal direction. Two shelves have been placed on each side. They act as bookshelves, day armrests and bedside tables by night.
The back of the sofa has been made with an extralarge frame covered by a piece of linen.
Beautiful linen from The sensitive and Nana Ki, a white lamp from IKEA and pillows by Nana Ki and " Caravane Chambre 19" add colors and a geat night and day atmosphere to the large bed, also used as a sofa during the day.

Above, the creation of a small and cozy reading area with a curtain, from the tissue "tie and die" brought from a travel, shelves for storing art books and Travel guides, a lamp "Cornette" from the French designers Tse & Tse, and a garland of light have been suspended for perfect lighting moments of reading.

Last clever design: an office in a corner of a living-room.

The new corner of the room is well organized and nicely colored. The vintage sign that was abandoned on the top of the old shelves is now hung on the wall just above the desk. Finally, a pink desk lamp pink (by Jieldé in Sentou gallery), a boiled wool rug (Muskhane) and a few cushions on the sofa (BHV)add an harmony of tones.
Shopping: 3 shops for fabrics and decoration to discover in Paris and you will travel with their ethnic inspirations:
Caravane chambre 19, 19 rue St-Nicolas, 75012 Paris
Nana Ki, 8 rue de l'Odéon, 75006 Paris
Muskhane, 3 rue Pastourelle, 75003 Paris

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