Sunday, December 14, 2008

Milk interiors

I was waiting to read it since I saw an update on it in French blogs. I realized this week-end that I could download it here : the French Milk Deco magazine new issue.
It was worth waiting!
For this one, journalists traveled to visit family interiors in Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam, Tokyo...
From top to bottom above : a beautiful custom bed in Amsterdam in a bright bedroom where butterflies fly on the blue walls.
To admire in the design section of the magazine, this beautiful wall decor with a birdhouse lamp from Inke in a vintage Wall paper Tree.
To find great beds, the magazine went to Soho where the girls of a design book authors enjoy a big Indonesian bed and to Tokyo where kids still sleep on traditional futons.

And to finish with, these so Parisian atmospheres with hunt soft toys for the son of French Antik Batik designer,

and lovely antique finds for kids bedrooms in the Marais area in Paris,

Good news: The Milk team is working on a collection of deco issues. So now I just have to wait for the next one.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cute Christmas Card

I already admired her ideas for holidays cards last year on her blog.
This year she has made a beautiful card easy to print. Enjoy!
The little sentence says in French 'Close your eyes and make a wish'...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Home made ornaments

Now that your christmas is ready, it's time to get some inspiration to add some home made ornaments and have holidays workshops with your kids. Have a look at these Martha Stewart great ideas.
I really liked these ones easy to made...
First she reminds us that the basic technique for all the ornaments is to bend a pipe cleaner in half and twist once at the top for a loop.
Enjoy first above this home made mobile, crafted from cookies turned in a simple, pretty decoration.
You can buy some wooden decorations and let your kids covered them with tinsel and glitter.

Colorful stray buttons can also be used as Christmas ornaments. Time to sort your old buttons...

And what a great idea: Use inexpensive aluminum cutters and turn them in ornaments.
Happy Holidays!
Photos credit: Martha Stewart

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Small from the Winter

The new winter issue of Small magazine is on line. Beautiful kids fashion pictures, great atmospheres from winter time, little tags to print for your kids books and these lovely illustrations from Black Apple... all these treasures for free !

Friday, November 21, 2008

French kids interiors, part 2

How lovely are these kids bedrooms found on the French magazine Marie-Claire Maison website. I like above the bohemian romantic touch of the girl bedroom.

Enjoy the spring colors of this room... even in winter! A great idea: the home-made sofa with few cushions designed in France...

And to finish with, enjoy the great mobile from Petit Pan in silk and bamboo available on Comptoir d'enfance. Also available on Comptoir d'enfance the cute plaids on the beds under a big piece of white cotton put like a safari tent.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas trees ideas

With french decoration magazines such as Maison magazine, Le journal de la Maison in their December issues, enjoy these beautiful ideas easy to copy at home.
You will find many basics at Ikea, Michael's, Target... Add your imagination to create a magic atmosphere...
Enjoy our french ornaments by the design studio atelier LZC on Comptoir d'enfance...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

French kids interior

Let's be inspired by the interior made by the owner of the french brand Les petites emplettes for hers girls. I like the lights garlands under the bed.
The pictures were published in the october issue of the very trendy french magazine Milk.
Now that it's Xmas time you have lights garlands everywhere. So buy some and put them everywhere in the house.
They will bring light and joy during winter time.

Let's also be inspired by all the home made ideas in this bedroom : the cardboard tree, the wall to draw, the cute baby plaid by Petit Pan for a touch of color, the bed headboard with cute curtains...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas is coming...

I found some French bloggers who are already thinking about their preparations for Christmas and they are right.
They found some beautiful ideas in French magazines.
Enjoy this cute decoration with paper gifts just on the floor like shining towers. Be inspired by these two home-made Avent calendars to put some little surprises in them each day before Christmas.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parisian interiors

I already told you about the apartment that I love in Paris from the owner of Bonton,the Bonpoint little brother, Irene Cohen.
She has made for her kids rooms a mix of home made creations and beautiful pieces such as the decorative kites from Petit Pan. Published in the october issue of the very trendy Milk, these pictures of her interior give us a lot of ideas to be inspired :
Cute letters with the name of your child covered by a mix and match of colors,
A commode covered by Wall paper (here from the english Cath Kidston),
Your princess'favorite costume hanged up on the wall,
a feast garland to celebrate everyday...
so cute, so personal, so unique french style..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cute animals from Clemence G arrived

The cute owls and hens designed by Clemence G arrived from Paris to Comptoir d'enfance. They are just perfect to follow your little one everywhere. They can also be used as a decorative cushion. Because of their handmade nature, each one is completely unique and different.
Clemence G, a Parisian designer, is known for its beautiful hand-made pieces. Your little ones will love her cute animals with their mixed colors and fabrics. Each piece is unique so do not wait!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fifi Mandirac at home

Great deco pages in the french Elle magazine this week !
The journalists visited the house of one of my favorite Parisian artist, Fifi Mandirac.
l already loved her stationery, now I love her home atmosphere.
Bright colors,
the "luco" red chairs from Fermob in the garden that make me think of the jardin du Luxembourg in Paris,
a bohemian touch with embroidered cushions in the living room,
a touch of vintage with my favorite Eames chairs in the dining room

a touch of personnal decoration with tea boxes and colored items found in the flea markets that brighten up the kitchen,
some light garlands and hand-made decorations .... such as these flowers cut in her stationery then put in the potted grass ...
tout ce que j'aime !
She even found these cute women hangers in San Francisco!
To find its whole collection of stationery, go to my little boutique Comptoir denfance
And yes I am very proud to distribute her cards, notebooks and little stationery in Canada and the United States since last year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Making off

The journalists of the french Marie-Claire Idées magazine, had a great idea: to share the creation of their topic "All the Wood", published in the latest issue of autumn.
You will enjoy the work of stylists and the realization of the "Prévert tree", the wooden wall and table.
A beautiful lesson of hand-made decoration... and poetry!
For images of the making off, simply click here

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flowers by Tricia Guild

I was just surfing on the internet when I discovered that one of my favorite designer Tricia Guild has published a new book : Flowers.
As usual, beautiful pictures, beautiful colors, beautiful atmospheres to get some inspiration for your interior. I let you admire these little bouquets...