Monday, September 28, 2009

A room with a view

An incredible view on the roofs of Paris with a minimalist and chic interior : this is how Amelia Bethia-Gillier could define her new apartment.

The former artistic director of Zadig and Voltaire embarked on a new adventure: the creation of her own brand  LoveMilla with vintage, romantic and luxurious clothes.

Her apartment is a reflection of her new life.

The huge windows overlook the Luxembourg Gardens and give the impression of a dive in the sky of Paris.

The whole apartment can enjoy this view thanks to large openings  in the living room, sliding doors installed in the kitchen and dining room.
The furniture are minimalist to let the space opened and were selected from Christian Liaigre.

A photo of Jean-Baptiste brings a touch of color in the kitchen.

More intimate atmosphere in the bedroom lined with silk taupe and some of her models hanged as pieces of decoration.

A very parisian chic apartment for one of the trendy fashion designer of the French city.
Photo Credit: cote Paris magazine, September 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Designers decorate their kids bedroom...

The new French magazine Milk arrived in France and in California on my computer! A big bravo to the writers for the Deco pages.

I adore visiting the homes of others and especially their kids ones. So this issue on French kids bedrooms decorated by their parents also designers is a gift !
Carlotta, the daughter of Madelon, one of the two creative sisters of  April Showers collection, can enjoy the sweet creations of her Mom as her blankets to sleep at night and a fun and colorful day with a simple and charming decor.
Her desk is a board painted with fuchsia, the little chair in chocolate color. Miffy doll, idol of Carlotta, found refuge in the bedroom such as the hooves from Holland, the native country of the family.

In Ophelie Esteve home the atmosphere is bohemian. I just love this little shop and stove made for her daughter Luna.

Let's stay in the pink atmosphere with Brune and Fleur's bedroom.

 Their mother Estelle has designed for them a unique room with sliding doors and hand-made furniture which can quickly store girls'toys . To complete this little cocoon, nice touches here and there such as the pink shelf and photo holder by Conran Shop, the lighting garland by Tsé et Tsé for habitat, a retro apron by petit Pan and a Barbapapa character to watch the kids..

Change of scene and atmosphere for the boys with Antoine's bedroom in London.
The shades of red and khaki and the steel of the cabinet coexist harmoniously.

We are ready now for the whole special issue on decoration by Milk magazine. We should not wait too long...
Credit photos : Milk Magazine, septembre 2009.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Indian summer

Just for the pleasure of the eyes, this serie of pictures published in the September issue of Milk magazine with the French actress Aure Atika and her daughter Angelica.
Fall and bohemian atmosphere in the grasslands bordering her house in  the South of France...
and a sharp selection of chic outfits for mother and daughter from cult French brands: Paul and Joe, April showers, Zef, Wowo, Antik Batik ... all the essentials to spend a warm and beautiful autumn !

Photo credit: Milk, September 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The bedroom of the cherries

After Céleste, two other children returning from few years in Asia, have been offered a new bedroom In Paris.
For her "cherries", as she named her kids, Lise has concocted a world collecting furniture from flea markets, design furniture and furniture from French retail stores painted and accessorized by small delicate details.

Above the vintage furniture : cupboard, desk, chair and a commode all painted in various grays..

The beds from AMPM have also been painted in gray, in the same tones as the walls,
Ikea black shelf welcomes kids treasures enlightened by a pink mushroom lamp,
 The stars carpet  from CSAO welcomes games,
and the Eames chair provides a relaxing reading corner ...

A small child chair by Panton welcomes dolls who could not climb on the little pink highchair ...

From Bonpoint store, she brought the little cardboard suitcases ready to take the dolls or Japanese figurines for a new trip ...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little treehouse

It's back to school time! For her first day of school, Celeste has got a new little nest nicely decorated by her mom Morgane.
It's a blend of the latest trends in French decoration and home-made furniture for a very cozy interior!
First  of her good choices the wallpaper with a retro feel by ISAK.

The alcove and the cupboards were made by her father ... very handy! Maybe he will inspire some others!
A small blue mushroom lamp grew on a shelf.
Inside the alcove the bed is from AMPM, from the same collection that the pink bookshelves.

The other walls are painted with "embruns" (Dulux Valentine) and highlight the small school desk.
Small garlands fly here and there.

The small tepee from Petit Collin creates a corner where the dolls have also their beautiful furniture.

No one has been forgotten in this fairy bedroom and certainly not Celeste!
Pictures credit: ma cabane celeste

Friday, September 11, 2009

Maison et objet Fair

This week was held in Paris, Maison et Objet fair, one of the most popular and expected fair in French decoration. An opportunity for me to find some of my favorite artists and discover some new features.
Thanks to the French bloggers fee maison, lao sur la colline and Marie-claire maison I could visit some stands on their blogs!
The very good surprise in the children section  is the new collection of  furniture by la chaise longue as this little school desk in light wood and metal painted in pastel shades ... an excellent value for those who, like me, have not the courage to fix a previous model found in a flea market.
Another good surprise was to realize that the furniture from  Laurette, that I could admire at the Parisian showroom of AIRDEJE last summer, had their own stand. 
A great opportunity to admire her collection of furniture inspired by the 40s, 50s with poetic names such as "Buffet gourmand", "Parisian wardrobe "" trailer bed "or" bedside secrets".
Fine furniture still in the retro spirit also with the famous brand Bonton.
In each collection you will find a bed, a highchair, a changing table in a variety of colors always punctiliously chosen: bright red, delicate violet, light gray or dark brown ... it is easy to find a hit from the wide choice.

Mimilou Stand is always joyful with animals, little stars and bubbles wall decals licately pasted on the walls and lit by beautiful paper lanterns. 

Cushions and blankets with retro prints and shimmering colors filled the shelves from  Petit Pan and sumptuous fabrics brought from India were covering the sofas at Lisa Corti corner.

Finally, for the parents, I particularly like the lighting in Japanese paper by Adeline Klam or made with wool from Non Jetable.
A vintage spirit for kids and Environmental concerns mixed with design for a zen decoration for the parents : all that I like!
Photos ; fee maison, lao sur la colline et Marie-claire maison

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New fall atmosphere at Bonton bazar

Last year the trendy brand Bonton, launched by the ex-owner of Bonpoint, opened a second "concept store" in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, called "the Bazar'. I visited it last summer and enjoyed the different decors.
A liberty print bedroom for girls, a soft grey for boys and the great paper lanterns by Appolline in Paris to light the house.

I also like the colorful kitchen decor.

And I have great news : a New collection of Bonton will appear this fall : Papillon by Bonton more classical with sweet cashmere, tweed for a soft winter !

122 rue du Bac
75007 Paris
Bonton GRENELLE (clothes)
82 rue de Grenelle
75007 Paris
Photos credit: Bonton

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Origami by Fifi

Our favorite French designer for stationery, Fifi Mandirac, has posted on her blog great ideas of origamis that can be turned in decoration objects.
Let's make decorative garlands, small bowls, to storage all our little things in the kitchen, in the bathroom or on a desk, and paper beads to make “the less expensive-necklace-of-the-world”! Not to forget the colorful windmills.

For the windwills all her explanations are here, for the beads it's here and the bowls there. For the others, you can find many explanations on the internet!

Photos credt: Fifi Mandirac.