Saturday, September 19, 2009

The bedroom of the cherries

After Céleste, two other children returning from few years in Asia, have been offered a new bedroom In Paris.
For her "cherries", as she named her kids, Lise has concocted a world collecting furniture from flea markets, design furniture and furniture from French retail stores painted and accessorized by small delicate details.

Above the vintage furniture : cupboard, desk, chair and a commode all painted in various grays..

The beds from AMPM have also been painted in gray, in the same tones as the walls,
Ikea black shelf welcomes kids treasures enlightened by a pink mushroom lamp,
 The stars carpet  from CSAO welcomes games,
and the Eames chair provides a relaxing reading corner ...

A small child chair by Panton welcomes dolls who could not climb on the little pink highchair ...

From Bonpoint store, she brought the little cardboard suitcases ready to take the dolls or Japanese figurines for a new trip ...

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