Monday, November 16, 2009

Papier Mache

The trendy magazines for children are dreamy ... also in Australia where Papier Mache has released its special issue on decoration ! Lucky you: you do not need to fly thousands of miles to get it, since it is downloadable here.
You can begin your little world deco tour by the Bedroom of Scout in Australia. I like the special places dedicated to her drawings, especially on her door covered with chalkboard paint ...

After that let's go to belgium to the home of Morgane, the founder of Little circus. 
Her interior for her children Eliott and Reinette is like her blog: friendly, vintage and very warm.

And to finish wit,h the two princessess bedrooms of the girls of the French designer Appoline à Paris which I had already told you about. Its small wonders fly here and there in their bedroom, under a canopy, under the lights and mobiles of their talented mother and signing her poetic universe.

Buy the magazine online: you will not be disappointed!

Photo: Paper Mache, Australia.