Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010


Monday, December 14, 2009

A lovely dinette, part 3

I dream since a few months reading the French blog Vivre a la campagne ... I like her philosophy, her atmosphere from the south of France, the home made decorations...

So I fell in love with this little homemade dinette, with a small bottle of milk redecorated, small cooking ustensils like Mom found at Ikea ... all nicely packed in a crate of fruits from the farmers market, painted in pink.

A great gift for Christmas !

Crédit photos : Vivre à la campagne.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A lovely dinette, part two

Another lovely dinette created by the french artist Nathalie Lete.
She lives and works in paris. She mixes different techniques and mediums, illustrations, ceramics,textile and painting…
She is inspired by her travels, but also by the mixing of vintage toys and old engravings of flowers and animals. Her work is colourful, "naive and poetic, sometimes strange, to the point of tending towards art brut", as she defines it. Her world is nurtured by popular and folk art. She produces children’s and graphic’s books, knitted and stuffed toys, glass pictures, patterned dishes and this lovely dinette.
In a Cardboard suitcase, the dinette set contains 14 pieces of metal: a small plate, kettle, 4 small cups and saucers and 4 plates. All very nicely illustrated by Nathalie Lete.

She also creates exclusive pieces for stores such as Anthopologie like postcards,ceramic sculptures, silkscreen... in limited edition…

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A lovely dinette

Madame M opened her pottery studio in France last year .. Since she multiplies creations, unique pieces, small bowls, ornaments, jewelry and more recently a small dinette. Her "influences are very diverse, the aesthetics of Japanese, traditional Scandinavian design through nature, its forms and fruit, and the new generation of ceramists French or foreigners ..." as she defines them.
She prefers "pure porcelain and white stoneware, simple shapes and irregular, containers and jewelry, working alone ... away from" perfection "of industrial and consumer system environment. "...

This beautiful dinette porcelain is like the rest of her collection ... Full of delicacy and poetry. It includes 6 small plates, large cup, bowl and spoon, a pot and its lid. The whole is shaped and created with care in very small series in France. Each piece is unique. The dinette is delivered packed in bubble wrap and tissue paper in a closed cardboard box with a ribbon of white cotton and a label.  
Refinement from A to Z for the pleasure of the eyes and little hands!

The moms will be able to enjoy their tea and little cakes in those beautiful sandstone bowls and mini cups  ... After all there is no age for a small dinette!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy vintage

In the south west of France Olivia started her small business of restoring vintage furniture ... "les happy vintage" as she calls them. After having sanded, repainted, magnified chairs, school desks, cabinets or toys, she adds a little personal note as these small stars, one of her favorite motifs.

At home she wanted for herself and her daughters softness. Softness of its home-made garlands in linen, softness of the colors such as the candy pink on the walls and illuminated by retro cushions from Petit Pan  and lanterns hanging for a cozy reading corner!

Let's go on her shop to find her treasures..

Picures: Home vintage, the blog.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Papier Mache

The trendy magazines for children are dreamy ... also in Australia where Papier Mache has released its special issue on decoration ! Lucky you: you do not need to fly thousands of miles to get it, since it is downloadable here.
You can begin your little world deco tour by the Bedroom of Scout in Australia. I like the special places dedicated to her drawings, especially on her door covered with chalkboard paint ...

After that let's go to belgium to the home of Morgane, the founder of Little circus. 
Her interior for her children Eliott and Reinette is like her blog: friendly, vintage and very warm.

And to finish wit,h the two princessess bedrooms of the girls of the French designer Appoline à Paris which I had already told you about. Its small wonders fly here and there in their bedroom, under a canopy, under the lights and mobiles of their talented mother and signing her poetic universe.

Buy the magazine online: you will not be disappointed!

Photo: Paper Mache, Australia.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The avent...

Each season has its small pleasures ... in November these are the early preparations for Christmas ... and among them  the advent calendar ...

The home made are the most personnal ones with small containers to hide each morning of December little surprises ... Above the pretty calendars from the blogger fee maison. or from the French magazine Marie Claire idees which proposes to download the templates and tags. It's easy and pretty.

Below are two ideas proposed by the French Magazine maison et travaux to hang up the little presents: a pasta drier and small magnet figures on a chalkboard.

And finally for those who have already started their Christmas shopping list, pretty gift tags to download and print on the French website of Marie-Claire idées !

Monday, November 2, 2009

A room to share

How to create space when the new little brother or sister arrives and we do not have an extra room ? Here are three solutions adopted by ingenious parents  and proposed on the website of the French magazine Marie-Claire maison.
Angela and Oscar share a room (above) but still enjoy a personal corner. Angela's bed has been raised and bordered by a security in iron. The green canopy, decorated with small flags, separates the two toddlers.
For their children, Pan and Miriam, the creators of Petit Pan, wanted a room fun and colorful like their collection. Pan has built a cabin painted in white with rounded corners and pierced with small windows where each of his 3 children, found his place. Above the mezzanine, a large bed, decorated with bed linen and cotton pillows of their collection may also serve as a vast sofa to greet friends.
Practical and fun, this cabin room also serves as a storage cupboard with two doors and a playroom area furnished with a sofa  and a mushroom lamp.

Another idea: create small rooms separated by a piece of furniture and painting them in different colors. For Sasha and Nico, it has created two single rooms with a bookshelves as a wall .
Each boy has his own corner and can store toys and books. The furniture has been repainted in a very bright yellow. Small squares of fabric with floral Japanese draws were fixed to decorate and separate.
Moreover, to create harmony in the corner of Sasha,  his wall and his bed were painted in the same nice green and the other bed was painted in black, giving it a more modern look.
A few extra touches of color are made by a carpet, cushions and bedspreads, a box and a mushroom lamp!!

Credit pictures : Marie-Claire Maison

Monday, October 26, 2009

sweet French little shops, sweet atmospheres

It is not only in interior design magazines that you can find beautiful interiors and sources of inspiration but also in the staging of shops ... and children ones in particular. A new one opens everyday in France and it's hard to choose!

But here are two to which I return often.: Charivari Workshop in Rouen and Loulou addict in Paris.
At Loulou addict, the little children's corner is full of wonders: cushions and linens fron April showers, les petites emplettes... and many small objects from European brands such as the Danish Rice or the French designer Mariette Jonbaz ...

  In l'atelier Charivari
in Normandy, vintage furniture and furnishing are beautifully restored with charming small fairies from Des pieds des Ailes, to the knitted animals from Anne-Claire Petit (available in the USA at Anthropologie) and the linens from April showers... a small and beautiful world !

pictures: loulou addict, atelier Charivari
atelier Charivari 27 rue des bonnetiers, 76 000 Rouen
loulou addict, 25 rue Keller, 75011 Paris