Monday, October 26, 2009

sweet French little shops, sweet atmospheres

It is not only in interior design magazines that you can find beautiful interiors and sources of inspiration but also in the staging of shops ... and children ones in particular. A new one opens everyday in France and it's hard to choose!

But here are two to which I return often.: Charivari Workshop in Rouen and Loulou addict in Paris.
At Loulou addict, the little children's corner is full of wonders: cushions and linens fron April showers, les petites emplettes... and many small objects from European brands such as the Danish Rice or the French designer Mariette Jonbaz ...

  In l'atelier Charivari
in Normandy, vintage furniture and furnishing are beautifully restored with charming small fairies from Des pieds des Ailes, to the knitted animals from Anne-Claire Petit (available in the USA at Anthropologie) and the linens from April showers... a small and beautiful world !

pictures: loulou addict, atelier Charivari
atelier Charivari 27 rue des bonnetiers, 76 000 Rouen
loulou addict, 25 rue Keller, 75011 Paris

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