Thursday, September 24, 2009

When Designers decorate their kids bedroom...

The new French magazine Milk arrived in France and in California on my computer! A big bravo to the writers for the Deco pages.

I adore visiting the homes of others and especially their kids ones. So this issue on French kids bedrooms decorated by their parents also designers is a gift !
Carlotta, the daughter of Madelon, one of the two creative sisters of  April Showers collection, can enjoy the sweet creations of her Mom as her blankets to sleep at night and a fun and colorful day with a simple and charming decor.
Her desk is a board painted with fuchsia, the little chair in chocolate color. Miffy doll, idol of Carlotta, found refuge in the bedroom such as the hooves from Holland, the native country of the family.

In Ophelie Esteve home the atmosphere is bohemian. I just love this little shop and stove made for her daughter Luna.

Let's stay in the pink atmosphere with Brune and Fleur's bedroom.

 Their mother Estelle has designed for them a unique room with sliding doors and hand-made furniture which can quickly store girls'toys . To complete this little cocoon, nice touches here and there such as the pink shelf and photo holder by Conran Shop, the lighting garland by Tsé et Tsé for habitat, a retro apron by petit Pan and a Barbapapa character to watch the kids..

Change of scene and atmosphere for the boys with Antoine's bedroom in London.
The shades of red and khaki and the steel of the cabinet coexist harmoniously.

We are ready now for the whole special issue on decoration by Milk magazine. We should not wait too long...
Credit photos : Milk Magazine, septembre 2009.

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