Monday, August 24, 2009

Interiors for enfants sages

The french Magazine Art and decoration also devotes its September issue to the bedrooms of children ... Enough to fill up with ideas for a little shopping!
I love that retro atmosphere mixed with design and the gray and pastel pink on the walls. Good ideas: the stickers from Mimilou above the desk and the girafe silhouette sticker from Inke.

For the boys Babar adds his punchy colors for a fun and invigorating atmosphere.

Colors also strongly tonic that corner office minimalist but very trendy and that suits the grown up!

Vintage Spirit still works in children bedroom especially when wood, steel and iron are mixed with tonic colors of textiles from Petit Pan.

For little princesses a magical castle with the beautiful starry canopy, dragonflies from Les invasions ephemeres that fly on the wall and romantic furniture.
This amazing bed should carry your little one faster to the land of dreams! to get a similar one, you can visit the beautiful Parisian boutique Les curieuses plenty of treasures for kids !

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