Thursday, May 21, 2009

Small summer issue

The new Small magazine issue of the summer has arrived and is available to download here.
As usual the new issue is a great pleasure to discover and read.
First, to travel in the fashion pages so lovely with great bohemian silhouettes that I love so much for children ! It makes me think of the atmosphere of the French designer Antik Batik!

Secondly, to appreciate the work of artists such as Katherine Edmond and Jess Browns, who make great hand-made dolls and their delicate costumes. "They create a beautiful balance between art and play."

Their passion? Natural processes and vintage materials such as French artists like Minilabo or Clemence G!
Their inspiration? Jess wanted the dolls to look like a french rag doll she had seen.
I think she did it!

I am also a big fan of the draws and the atmosphere of the Californian Mati Rose Mcdonough. With her draws the kids will travel in a narrative, poetic and sweet universe !

Finally to enjoy a small project : wonderful birds to create and hang up!
A good way for me to introduce a similar atmosphere than the work from Appoline in Paris im my interior in the USA!

Pictures credit: Small magazine.

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