Monday, May 18, 2009

Birds in paradise

Here are two artists that I admire and so do many French blogs and shops:
the English Abigail Brown and the American from NYC Tamar Mogendorff.

The dolls/objects are made by Tamar from linens, wool, Mohair wool, cotton, vintage fabrics, tweed, antique embroidery, pashmina and other fabrics.

Other materials used are antique and vintage buttons, beads, silver thread and old ribons. New items coming every season..

Abigail uses colour, pattern and texture and a visual language which is quirky and playful, reminiscent of a childhood that she holds very dear.

Her work with birds evolved perhaps "because not only are they one of the most beautiful of creatures, so precious, so fragile and yet so animated and so positively bursting with life, but also because they are the most accessible to me", she explains on her website.

"Whether birds, monkeys, cats or elephants, my work centres around animals because they give me comfort, they are truly heart warming, they make me smile...and that is the same reaction I hope merely to evoke in others."

The good news is that Abigail has drawn wall decals for the French brand Poisson bulle I work with... so they should arrive on Comptoir d'enfance this summer.

photos: Tamar Mogendorff, Abigail Borwn, Poisson bulle.

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