Monday, March 8, 2010

Small spaces full of ideas

The new Milk magazine is out ... in its pages I always find beautiful pictures of fashion and decoration for kids. Here 4 examples of children's rooms full of ideas to maximize small spaces.
The cute sleeping corner for Zoe found a place in the room of her big sister Lilou with a few simple tips: a curtain to separate them, a hand made bed resting on storage space, a folding changing table. Added some little decorative touches to this minimalist space : a bed cover from Petit Pan, the pink butterfly net and  small stars stickers.
Another idea to share a room: a fun wall that allows two small boys to play in a common area and separate them when they need tranquility!

Another way to maximize small spaces and for the older ones: the bed-cabin which let them enjoy a small playground on the ground.
I love this last room with Asian influence in its prints and its cushions. The simple furnishings are highlighted by the range of shades of plum.

Crédit photos: Milk magazine

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