Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some painting, waiting for Spring!

The February issue of French Maison magazine has visited some child rooms colorful... exactly what I needed before spring !
Above in a Parisian loft the parents have created a little cozy bedroom with a cute vintage crib with linens from Petit Pan, hand made animals and a little library already full of great french books.
Half of the wall is painted in red for the joy of the little owner of the room!

In the South of France, the parents of 3 did not hesitate to mix and match pink and red, grey and blue, grey and green... each bedroom has its own colors!
Another idea: don't hesitate to paint basics from the big Swedish company. It will customize then and personalize each bedroom !

To finish the wall decor, a light garland from Tse et Tse above, or a big wall decal below and you're done!
Photos credit: Maison Magazine, February 2009, Paris.

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