Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring everywhere!

I love when I find ideas to make both sides of the Atlantic. You obviously recognize the Ikea plastic cups that we all bought one day. Now they can have a second life !
The magazine Femina had the idea.

* 1 wooden plank
* 6 colored plastic cups (there are good Ikea and then those found in any Target)
* Acrylic paint white
* 1 roller or brush
* 1 screwdriver and a drill
* 8 screws

Creation, photographs and illustrations: Nicole Maubert

1. Paint a wooden board with white acrylic paint. Let dry and make a second layer if necessary. Drill the cups at the bottom, center, with the help of a drill.

2. Place the cups on the board and secure them with screws.

3. Make a hole at each end of the board so that they can be attached to the wall. Good job!

And a little thought for my friends in Paris where "sometimes it snows in April".
Waiting the first blooms of spring, fill your flowers-pots with windmills alternating heights and sizes.
So cute!

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